Sarah Yarbrough is the owner of Sarah E Photography. She is a Traveling Wedding/Portrait photographer and Brand Photographer who lives in Walhalla, South Carolina, a small Southern town an hour West from Greenville, South Carolina. She is an inclusive photographer who travels all up and down the East Coast capturing love, weddings, families headshots, and corporate events. 

When Sarah isn’t behind her camera, editing images on her computer, sipping a glass of wine with her couples, or making families smile, laugh, and feel comfortable in front of the camera, she is sunbathing with her glass of chardonnay on Lake Keowee.

Sarah lives in an adorable, modern-farmhouse-style three-bedroom ranch that channels Johanna Gaines’ authentic Fixer Upper aesthetic. She lives with her husband, Jay, is who her best friend and a special-needs educator, and her son, Thomas - the newest addition to their family!

Together they have a two year old little boy, three dogs, Della, a three-year-old chocolate American Labrador Retriever. Kaya, a two-and-a-half-year-old chocolate English Labrador Retriever, and Hank, a one-and-a-half-year-old black English Labrador Retriever. Sarah’s idea of a relaxing evening at home is cooking a delicious meal for her family, and playing catch with her toddler.

Sarah’s love for photography stems all the way back to her teenage years. When Sarah was in high school, she had a dear friend who was pursuing a passion for photography who would use Sarah as a model. Sarah watched as her friend blossomed and was able to express herself through photography and capturing memories of social and sporting events, couples, engagements, and everyday life. When her friend passed away in 2016, Sarah channeled her friend’s passion and love and picked up the camera in her memory.

 Jay, Sarah’s husband, bought her her first big-girl camera and lovingly pushed her to fully pursue her photography professionally. He is constantly pointing out that Sarah is full of peace and happiness behind her camera. She went on to create her company, Sarah E Photography, with a passion to deliver her couples a high-end, organic, relaxing experience and treasured, heart-felt images that are everlasting.

As a photographer, Sarah strives to help her clients see the beauty in themselves that we so often overlook in our busy everyday lives. Her favorite moment as a photographer is getting to make lasting connections and capturing the authentic, real moments that will be hung on the walls inside of her clients’ homes for a lifetime.



“Sarah E Photography did a phenomenal job! She took her time and brought a creative aspect to my photo shoot that I’ve never seen before. She has an artistic eye and knows what she is doing behind the camera. She was super friendly and got back to me quickly! She went beyond what I expected and I enjoyed my time working with her. A lovely girl with a passion for capturing sweet memories.”


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