Are you wanting to learn all the things about legitimizing your business but don't know where to start?

Are you trying to find your style, but at a complete loss of how to do that?

Do you need assistance when it comes to your actual session and posing ideas?

I am now offering one on one mentoring sessions for my photographer friends.

i am ready to learn

Let's Chat!

If you are looking to rack my brain and talk about all the things in regards to running a photography business (The camera, settings, legitimizing your business, insurance, sessions, etc.), we can schedule a phone call

or a zoom session.

1 hour investment - $350

Coffee Talk

Local to Upstate South Carolina? We can meet in person at a coffee shop (or at your home)and talk all things business, life, photography, and editing. Whatever you want to know, I am an open book for this coffee talk! I'll even buy your coffee and food! For an hour, you can ask me anything.

1 hour investment - $400

Coffee Talk + Photoshoot

So, we got coffee, but you are still wanting to learn while shooting your camera. Say no more! I will get a few models together, and we will spend an hour or more shooting together. I can teach you my tips, tricks, and help you learn your camera in person, as well as help you build your portfolio!

Investment - $1200

Mentorship Request Form