February 18, 2020

Thrasher Motorsports - A Family Mechanic

Tyler Thrasher, owner and mastermind behind Thrasher Motorsports started working on vehicles over 10 years ago. He began pursuing this industry professionally and building a solid clientele about 5 years ago. Thrasher Motorsports is located right in downtown Seneca across from Time Drive In.

When asked where Tyler learned his motor-skills from, He mentioned being surrounded by Family that maintained their own vehicles growing up. Most of all, his skills came from within – He states that a lot of what he knows is self-taught. He worked at Toyota as a Mechanic, a few years back, and learned a lot of the business side of things. Tyler started out as a Lube-Tech, but the dealership allowed him to grow, because he was able to hit top hours in the shop after only 2-3 months of working there. At that time, he didn’t even own a real toolbox! Now he owns his own business and has plans to have his very own shop one day. Funny to look back at where we began only to see that we are on an incredible journey to where we want to be, am I right?

Behind every story there is a love story to be told, so I couldn't leave it out in this one. Tyler met his wife, Madison in 2016, and married her within a year, because he knew she was his forever girl. Together they have two children, a sweet pup, and a beautiful home with gorgeous mountain views. Tyler values family and he values his customers like they are his family too. I know, because the folks in my house feel like that every time we encounter Tyler at Thrasher Motorsports. Tyler loves to talk about his wife and kids, which I think says it all!

The Thrashers

What does Tyler live by as a mechanic? He said, “I try to live by the principle of, ‘Do your Customer right, versus trying to take every dollar that you can.’” 

As a consumer of Tyler’s services - My Husband and I have always had a top notch, high quality experience. Even when Tyler can’t get us in on the exact date we would like him to, he always does his best to accommodate our needs. Tyler wants to offer a new service – a full array of services with a smile, where the customer truly comes first – not just a business slogan. He said, “When I mess up, that’s on me. I am going to be up front with my customers. I am going to take care of it, and if I can’t do something, I’m going to be up front about it."

Tyler offers a warranty on his work. When he says he offers a warranty, he means he offers a workmanship warranty – if the parts fail and Tyler provided those parts, He will cover the repair of the parts - 100%. To me, that’s super noble, especially because sometimes technology fails, right?

For example, Tyler replaced a head gasket on a Chevrolet - four cylinder – he said about two weeks later his customer was experiencing a coolant leak. When you purchase a new head gasket the machine shop you purchase it from provides a service to check the cylinder head before purchasing. Tyler had an invoice from when the machine shop evaluated it, but unfortunately missed the crack that caused the coolant leak. Because the issue was on the shops end, they covered the cost of a new part, but Tyler didn’t receive compensation for having to re-do the labor a second time. It wasn’t a mistake on Tyler’s end, but he ensured it was corrected. At the end of the day, Tyler values his customer’s happiness, because he wants to put out good business into the world. 

What does Tyler enjoy the most about being a mechanic? 

“Well, what I enjoy the most is diagnostics. It’s not what I am the best at, but I enjoy it the most. Running that diagnostic scanner is my Achilles. Whenever I figure an issue out it is very satisfying. I love when customers take their vehicles to other shops and they can’t figure out the problem, but I do.” 

What are his Diagnostic Fees?

$35/per half hour. If diagnostic isn’t completed within 2 hours, Tyler only charges $75 of that fee. If he is able to diagnose it, and you hire him to fix it, Tyler will put part of that money towards to final cost. 

Pretty fair deal, I'd say!

What are Thrasher Motorsports Hours?

Yes, Tyler owns his own business, but he makes his own hours too. All appointments are by schedule only.

How does Thrasher Motorsports charge? 

Tyler goes by the book time when coming up with the fees for his customers at Thrasher Motorsports. It's by the book, to say the least!

Do They Accept Credit card?

Yes they do! Credit Cards, Cash, and Check are all accepted.

Needless to say, Thrasher Motorsports is a Family owned business with strong values. In my home, we take both of our Vehicles to Tyler for EVERYTHING. It is important to find a loyal mechanic to work on your cars and trucks these days. I find it imperative to go to someone you trust, because you or your loved ones are driving around in the vehicle that mechanic has worked on. We find Tyler at Thrasher Motorsports to be honest, hardworking, and reasonably priced. I have attached the link below that will take you to his Facebook Page where you can find more testimonials from Customers. Go check them out!